Some Jewish people gamble, while others don’t. Many people are asking if gambling is allowed in Judaism and what is the religion’s view on it. To fully explore this topic, let’s go to the State of New Jersey that shelters more than half a million Jewish people and is one of the biggest gambling destinations in the globe.

Is gambling permitted in Judaism?

According to the Talmud, a compendium of Jewish religious law and theology, people who win in gambling are actually losers, not monetary but morally of course. The text is not in favor of gambling and considers it addictive and risky.

Many Rabbis are against gambling and consider it nothing but a pointless and useless endeavor wherein people waste their money. The money they can use on other positive things like charity or education.

In ancient times, the Jewish community believed man-made disasters and public calamities are the repercussions they have to face as a punishment for gambling.

However, despite this ancient text being honored today, many Jews still gamble sometimes while others, most of the time.

Dog Racing and Betting is Animal Cruelty

According to Jewish scriptures, dogs are not to be trusted and are hot-headed. But they condemn dog track racing and betting just like other religions. They might not find dogs that lovable but there are Jewish organizations campaigning to put a stop to dog or greyhound racing.

To many Jewish people, this activity is animal cruelty and betting on it is not acceptable. In New Jersey, dog racing is legal but Jews don’t participate.

New Jersey, Judaism and gambling.

There are more than 500,000 Jewish people in New Jersey and there have been reports of some of these people being addicted to either gambling or betting.

Despite the negative take on gambling from their own religious scripture, gambling and betting are still rampant among Jews. Not only in New Jersey but in other states as well.

There are Jews in Atlantic City at the casinos, there are Jews at horseracing events and there are even Jews at dog racetracks. Believe it or not, dog race betting is gaining quite the popularity in New Jersey these days.

The unfortunate truth

No matter how divine, ancient and old their scripture is that disapproves, people will continue gambling and betting because they get to experience the thrill of it all, but for some, these are nothing but false pretenses.

There are no immediate or planned actions to prohibit gambling among Jews in New Jersey and if there was, will it even push through? New Jersey is a gambling powerhouse not only in the U.S. but throughout the world.

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