Life in New Jersey just gets crazier and crazier for the locals and visitors alike. New Jersey is mostly known for Atlantic City meaning gambling and nightlife. These days, the state took it to the next level with over the top pajama parties and dog betting.

Pajama Parties

pajama parties and dog betting party - Pajama Parties and Dog Betting Taking Over New Jersey

When we say pajama parties, we don’t mean sleepovers ok? There might be some confusion so it is best to get that out of the way asap. Now, pajama parties in the Garden State are full of parties wherein people go dancing, drink, converse and get crazy in their pajamas.

Who knows, maybe kids do it too, minus the booze and they go with orange juice or cartons of milk. More and more clubs and even casinos are throwing pajama parties wherein people are only allowed inside if they are in their pajamas.

Going crazy in themes

pajama parties and dog betting woman mask - Pajama Parties and Dog Betting Taking Over New Jersey

Pajama party is a party theme itself but people are shaking things up. For example, before school starts in New Jersey for college students, some people throw out back 2 school pajama parties so students can have one big night out before being buried under textbooks.

Another great theme is pajamas all over the globe. In this one, people would wear pajamas worn in different nations. For example, in India, they wear the Kurta pajama and is commonly worn by Punjabis.

However, this is traditional wear in India so people remember to be respectful and don’t make fun of it.

NSFW Pajama Parties

Once again, we would like to reiterate that these pajama parties are for people of legal age, no kids. New Jersey certainly does not shy away from throwing sexy and provocative parties. Those ideas made their way to pajama parties and are now sexy pajama parties.

In these parties, people are allowed to wear not only pajamas but sexy nightwear to spice things up for the party of course.

Laying down the law

pajama parties and dog betting drugs - Pajama Parties and Dog Betting Taking Over New Jersey

These pajama parties sound awesome but there are actually being heavily monitored by police and authorities of New Jersey. There have been reports of illegal drug activities in these parties.

Too much alcohol is bad enough and to add drug abuse into the mix, things are going to get out of hand, way out of hands.

Just like in most states, drug distribution and consumption in New Jersey is in high alert. The Department of Human Services launched the Substance Abuse Initiative to help minimize drug intake in the state and better monitor drug activities in different happenings just like pajama parties.

Dog Racetracks

pajama parties and dog betting dog race - Pajama Parties and Dog Betting Taking Over New Jersey

Dog racetracks are popping up one after another in the state of New Jersey. The organized animal racing sport is legal under New Jersey legislation.

Unlike in other states wherein dog racing is only for greyhounds, New Jersey is actually staging racing for small wiener dogs. Dog racetracks are giving tourists or visitors something new they don’t experience much at Atlantic City.

Dog race betting is allowed in the state but not all people agree to it. Some are calling for people to boycott these betting facilities as they consider it animal cruelty. There are already nationwide campaigns calling for the absolute shutting down of dog or greyhound racing.